Shop For Your Cause

New ways to Fundraise

We have recently partnered with the site Shop for your Cause. Shop for your Cause is an online fundraising, activist, and informational site that allows people to help influence the world around them. SFYC has raised over $30,000 for two different causes via their click-to-donate program and more than $75,000 since inception to various animal rescues.
You can use the site to help us today. Simply click here and click on our rescue. With each click they donate two cents back to us! After making this simple click, play the quiz and continue donating with each correct answer. It is as simple as that.

SFYC also helps divert would be pet buyers to their local rescue via pages such as this one. We try to convince people who are looking to buy dogs to check out their local humane society instead.

Please join in and help out Get Along Dachshund Rescue today!