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If you are interested in adopting a GDR dog, please fill out the adoption application below:

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GetALong Dachshund Rescue currently operates in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia. If you are a resident of one these states please apply.

We are committed to placing dachshunds in permanent, responsible homes and at the same time, matching you with a dog that is suitable for you and your lifestyle. There may be more than one application for each dog and the home best suited each dog will be the home chosen for approval.

PLEASE NOTE: Providing false information will result in the forfeiture of both the adoption fee and the adopted dachshund.

Please note: GetALong Dachshund Rescue requires a $20 adoption application fee. Your adoption application will not be processed without the payment of this fee. Submit your application fee here.






Please provide your vet’s name and contact information. Please advise your vet that we will be contacting them and give them permission to release your information. If you have more than one vet that cares for your pets please email this information to:


Please List 2 personal references not related to you OR living with you.

I understand that upon submitting this document for review that it is legally binding and any false information given will be just cause for immediate denial of adopting a rescued pet from this organization. GetALong Dachshund Rescue reserves the right to refuse any applicant.